ACF Society of American Foresters Certifide Forester

King Forestry, Inc. is a consulting firm providing confidential, strategic and tactical advisory services to both public and private investors in all aspects of forestry management.

Our services are provided on a fee/contract basis to provide all facets of forest management from the initial evaluation stage to completion. Once a Forest Management Plan is developed and finalized to meet the owner’s objectives, we implement the necessary field work to accomplish all contractual operations. We provide consultation and implementation of timberland acquisitions, divestitures, forest investment analysis, as well as analysis and evaluation of these opportunities to add value both before and after the investment is made. We assist the client in analysis of their timberland holdings and provide financial analysis through up-to-date growth and yield studies, and current market conditions to develop a Forest Management Plan. Once the Forest Management Plan has been finalized, we then implement the necessary field work to meet the owner’s objectives.

At King Forestry, we strive to maintain standards of excellence in our business, a spirit of cooperation and hands-on participation. Since our inception in 1996, we have continued to build an organization dedicated to the highest caliber of expertise and professionalism.

King Forestry offers objective oriented advisory services with long-term goals for your forestry management needs.