Forest Management

The establishment of a Forest Management Plan incorporates the objectives of the owner along with the capabilities of the land. The management plan can be compared to growing an investment portfolio and is a means of organizing and evaluating information as well as planning and implementing activities which will meet the owner’s objectives. Our goal is to develop a Forest Management Plan which defines objectives and the acceptable risk and/or return from a forest investment.

King Forestry will advise and provide recommendations to clients about the management of their forestland with both short and long-term objectives and strategies. Recommendations may include when and how to harvest timber, reforestation, prescribed burning, wildfire prevention, timberland security, maximizing wildlife habitat, and asset/investment management. Accordingly, foresters are involved with the daily development, protection, and management of all objectives for forestland owners. Landowners who use professional foresters are likely to gain 40% or more return over time when compared to landowners who do not.