Timberland Security

Rural lands are a target for trespass offenses such as illegal dumping, poaching, drug trafficking, timber theft and illegal hunting. Absentee landowners are most at risk due to the fact that these instances can increase a landowner’s exposure to legal and financial liabilities. Most of these problems are obvious with continued inspection of the subject property.

King Forestry specializes in providing security on large tracts of undeveloped land and rural properties. We have the ability to be flexible with our clients in order to meet their diverse needs and can ensure an outstanding level of service to our clients regardless of the site or its physical condition. King Forestry will not only identify hazards, but also offer solutions for all your security needs. Depending on the needs of the client, King Forestry can offer security management activities such as:

  • Develop a customized Security Plan
  • Building and maintaining fences and gates
  • Conducting timber security investigations and audits
  • Posting properties with legally defensible signs
  • Monitoring and patrolling properties
  • Video Surveillance
  • Incident Investigation