Our Services

We believe in a relationship-based approach to our forestry consulting business. We believe our firm is differentiated from other consulting firms in the following respects:

  • Objective Advice with a Long-Term Perspective
    We seek to recommend to our clients enhanced strategies of forest management that we would pursue ourselves were we acting in our client’s capacity.
  • Senior Level Attention and Experience
    The senior members of our forestry consulting business participate in all facets of client interaction, from the initial evaluation phase to the final stage of executing our recommendations.
  • Independence and Confidentially
    We work for the public on a fee/contract basis. Our firm acts as the owner’s agent in assisting with timber sales, and all aspects of forest management. We do not purchase or take possession of timber to harvest and re-sell. This enables us to avoid potential conflicts that may arise. In addition, our commitment to discretion and the smaller size of our firm enable us to provide our clients with strict confidentiality.

Our Business

King Forestry has two principal businesses, Forestry Consulting Services and Real Estate Services:

  • Forestry Consulting Services
    King Forestry provides confidential, strategic and tactical advice to both private and public clients. We assist the client in analysis of their timber land holdings and provide financial analysis through up to date growth and yield studies, current market conditions and develop a Forest Management Plan. Once the Forest Management Plan has been finalized and meets the owner’s current objectives, our senior managers implement the necessary field work through “hands-on” supervision of in house or contractual operations.
  • Real Estate Services
    King forestry provides assistance in real estate transactions with licensed real estate brokerage and sales associates. Land and timber appraisals are also provided.