Timber Sales Marketing & Administration

As an important part of the overall Forestry Management Plan, the sale of your timber can provide immediate revenue as well as a planned, long-term income stream. Timber sales are also appropriate to clients during site-clearing when clearing costs can be offset by revenue generated from sale of standing timber. Timber sales also are a means to improve the ecological condition of the property by reducing tree densities for wetland/upland enhancement as well as enhancement of habitat for wildlife.

Timber is divided into several commodities which include Mulchwood, Pulpwood, Chip-n-saw, Sawtimber, Peeler/Veneer and Poles. Wood is a very valuable resource used for self-sustaining materials used in construction; i.e., lumber, plywood; paper; cellulosic chemicals; i.e, film, food additives, etc. Significant economic returns can be expected depending on wood quality, density, condition of the sale area, and type of sale. Sales are usually either lump sum, or per-unit. Prices are dependent on several variables including location, accessibility, operability in certain weather conditions and tract size. Pricing varies according to the time of year, types of wood, logging conditions and economic conditions of the industry.

The King Forestry staff actively manages timber sales in both Florida and Georgia and has developed relationships with reputable timber buyers and logging operations, and are abreast of local market conditions.